About Us

Avala Wellness

Avala Wellness brings an elite level of patient care to Brampton. Our clinic boasts an atmosphere of luxury! With the tranquility of a beautiful spa, our patients will feel better just by entering our facility. Of-course, with state of the art machines and expertly trained staff, the treatment that you will receive at Avala will be unlike any other facility. We enjoy getting to know you, getting to know the important events in your lives and treating you with the care of our family. We ensure that each of our staff has the strongest training in therapy because we believe that everyone deserves the best.

Our Mission

To connect with each and every individual at multiple levels so that we are able to “redefine what you think is therapy.”
To bring the best of treatment, service and personal connection so that each and every patient leaves our premise feeling that they have received the ‘best treatment of their life’.

Our Vision

At Avala, we wish to redefine therapy. With state of the art technology, top level expertise and a dedication to providing the best service to each of our patients, your definition of physical therapy will never be the same!

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