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We have some of the best tools in the country to help you with your weight loss and lifestyle goals. Please ask about our program today. You may even be 60-100% covered by your insurance benefits.

Working for You

Our many experts under one roof are your advantage.

Wellness made easy

Our team’s diverse skill-sets work together for better healing.

State of the Art

Enjoy peace of mind knowing we use only the best practices.

The Right Targeted Care

No matter, you are a teenager or an adult, our customized programs provide the right care and treatment for all. To ensure relieve from a wide range of injuries, we bring together a multitude of different treatments for proper body healing.

How will you benefit

Our specialists at Avala Wellness will assess, diagnose and treat problems ranging from back pain to body paralysis and more. No matter whether you are suffering from an acute or chronic body pain, Avala is your one stop shop for all therapeutic pain relief and healing including acupuncture, chiropractic and massage therapies.

Pain is in the Past

Our services are essential to help reduce and manage pain, as well as to sustain your long-term recovery and prevent any future pain. Hopefully, we will find and maintain a program that works for you.

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